We have a plethora of activities for you to choose from at Stag Republic, it all depends on your own personal ideas about what’s fun and what’s not! Whether you like to feel the adrenalin coursing through your veins, or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, we’ve got the goods to entertain you. Get the lads together and check out our activities, book yourselves something spectacular for your once in a lifetime paaartaayy!!

Budapest Skyward

For those who have bigger baubles than us and have skydived before, we salute you. For the others who have always fancied it, but their baubles are the tiny twinkly sort, we understand. However, we have the perfect activity for you to try, which might grow your baubles a tad. The Skyward experience is like no other. Standing in a large glass room, you’ll be elevated to great heights by humungous fans, which will keep you aloft. You’ll be able to spin and dance in the air and imagine that you are actually jumping out of a plane! When you have all had a go, there will be a round of beers waiting for you to bring you back down to Earth.

Budapest Skyward


If your group is undecided as to what type of sporting activity they fancy doing, why not do something a little more unusual, like Footgolf! Yep, two for the price of one, kind of. It’s simply a mix of the two games, but you’ll be running/walking around a golf course, kicking the ball as you go. Fresh air and a run around while taking in the Hungarian countryside is definitely a great way to clear cobwebs from a hangover and get rid of pent up stresses! Get your stag group bonding over this unusual game, a fantastic activity for all.

Footgolf Budapest

Mud Wrestling

How about an activity that you can just sit and watch? If you really want to chill, but want to see the stag suffer, this is ideal. Two stunning girls will demonstrate how to mud wrestle in front of your very eyes, starting off wearing bikinis, but by the end, they’ll be off! Once the girls have done their little demo, the stag will be dragged kicking and screaming (or he might casually walk to the mud pool, if he’s a confident guy) to wrestle with the Hungarian beauties. Of course, he’ll most likely end up naked too, so get your cameras ready!

Mudwrestling in Bratislava

Whichever activities you book, you can be sure that you will have an amazing time. Should you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll give you all of the information you need.