Not only is Latvia a fabulous place for a stag do, it also has unbelievably beautiful and sassy women. We know that drinking and activities are an established part of any decent stag do, but the ladies feature quite highly too! We’ve put together some information for you, so that you don’t strike out when you try to score!


Party Girls

The Latvian ladies are always up for a good time and they are very laid back, so no worries about meeting bunny boilers! Although they are laid back, that doesn’t mean that you can get away with treating them like idiots – they expect respect from their men and won’t be interested if you start acting like the fool! They will tell you in no uncertain terms what they think of you and if you annoy them, expect to be told off and feel like the world’s biggest numpty for the rest of the night!

Riga Strippers

Natural Sex Appeal

These girls have sexiness oozing out of their pores. They are confident and not at all desperate for a man, so don’t expect them to be putty in your hands, just because you’re a foreigner. Intelligence and wittiness can go a long way with the Latvian goddesses, so up your game and make them smile, you’ll be thanking us if you do.

Santa - Riga Guide

No Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’m

Take your time when trying to bag yourself one of these delectable delights. These girls are in no rush and will appreciate your patience. It’s unlikely you’ll be jumping into bed on the first night, so express your feelings and give the girl a chance to get to know you, before attempting to get her into bed.


Don’t be a conversation hogger! Latvian girls like to feel that they are being listened to, so ask her about herself and her life – then listen to her answers! If she thinks it’s all about you, she’ll get turned off quicker than a light switch and will turn her attention elsewhere. And you don’t want that do you?!

Don’t get downhearted if you don’t manage to pull one of these spectacularly sexy ladies, there are plenty of strip clubs where you can drown your sorrows and still get to see some bodacious booty. Cross it off as experience and maybe next time you’ll be the one to win the Latvian prize!