Can you feel the excitement building now that you’ve booked your stag do in Budapest? The activities are arranged, you know where you’re going to stay and you’ve read lots of reviews about the nightclubs and strip clubs you are going to visit. Only one thing remains when you touch down. Get to know your local guide! She will be the best advisor for absolutely anything while you’re in Budapest, take full advantage!

Angels in Disguise

Our local guides are employed by Stag Republic to ensure that all of our stag parties have the best time possible. They are sassy, knowledgeable and beautiful. They know Budapest inside and out, the best bars, clubs and strip joints. They know all of the dodgy scams that might await you and they will watch over you like guardian angels. No harm will come to you while in their very capable hands!

Budapest Guides

Stag Party Guide

Your local guide will be able to answer pretty much anything you ask. There’s absolutely no need to be shy or worry about asking about strip clubs or anything similar, they’ve heard it all before. A million times. Your guide will plan the perfect pub-crawl for your party, getting all of the information from you beforehand, so that you have the best night out EVER! Don’t concern yourselves about getting drunk around her, she’ll be expecting it and she’s very used to handling drunk guys. Her main aim is for you all to enjoy yourselves!

Spare Wheel

It won’t feel like you have that one girlfriend who insists on coming out with the boys, even though no other girls are going. She will just ensure that nobody gets into any trouble under her watch. She’ll keep as much distance as she feels you need; besides, all of our guides are party animals in their own right. You’d have to try hard to keep up with our ladies!


Quids in

Before you even arrive, our ladies will have made sure that you are getting the best deal. Whether that’s an activity, a pub-crawl or a strip club. They are used to negotiating, getting the best prices for entry or a discount on bar drinks. They are also up to speed on the dodgier side of Budapest, so can warn you of certain bars, clubs or areas to stay away from.

All in all, our local guides are worth their weight in gold. We couldn’t do without them and we know that any stag party would be mad to try and go it alone, and why would you need to?!