To make your stag do in Budapest go with a bang, you could plan to have some of the more popular activities arranged for you, all in one evening! A decent stag do usually incorporates food, drink and a stripper, so that all preferences are catered for. We’ve put together an ideal evening, but you can opt for other activities as you see fit!

Feed Your Faces

How about some nakedness with your meal? You could choose the Naked Body Buffet where your meal is laid out on a naked lady! Choose from sushi or fruit, chocolate and cream. If you go for the sushi, just be careful where you’re putting those chopsticks! Obviously you won’t see the nakedness until you’ve eaten, so best get munching!

Naked body buffet

If you would prefer to watch nude ladies, then how about the Steak and Lesbi Show? You get a two course steak dinner, two pints and free entry to a strip club. The girls will entertain you after your meal and get you revved up ready for your evening!


Drink Until You Burst!

The Guided Pub Crawl is the best way to check out Budapest’s crazy nightlife. Free with all packages booked, your local guide will show you around the best drinking dens and nightclubs the city has to offer – and there are many! Let your guide know the types of places you love and she’ll make sure that your evening is full of fun and plenty of laughter! You’ll get a free round of beers and a free table dance for the stag and you’ll get to see beautiful Budapest at its best. Oh and did we mention the stunning women? Yup, they’re everywhere!!

Naked Ladies Ahoy!

There are pranks you could pull on the stag if you so wish. From being handcuffed to a Roly Poly Stripper for an hour, to having a Stripper Dominatrix take control of the stag and his valuables, there are many indecent and downright hilarious ways to make the weekend memorable.

Dominatrix Handcuff in Budapest

If you just want to see lots of stunningly sexy babes take their clothes off, then head on down to Budapest’s best strip club – 4Play Lounge. You’ll be mesmerised by the dancers’ skills and did we mention that they are drop dead gorgeous?? You’ll be able to relax in this fantastic gentlemen’s club and book yourselves a private dance – no sitting on your hands here – this is Budapest!