Tank Driving Budapest

Tank Driving in Budapest

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What you and your Stag get

  • A lovely, local guide to meet you at your hotel
  • Transport to and from the venue by private coach
  • 15 minutes driving time
  • Great photo opportunities
  • A round of beers after the activity

About Tank Driving in Budapest

Nothing clears a fuzzy head better than the smell of burning diesel in the morning. Surely every small child has dreamt of driving one of these gas guzzeling relics of wars gone by. Now’s your chance to take the wheel and motor around the all terrain course. Includes tanks from some of the following wars:
  • Afghan - Sovjet (1979)
  • Iraq - Iran (1981)
  • Gulf War (1990)
  • Yugoslav - Bosnian (1991)
  • Iraq - USA (2002)
  • Afghanistan – NATO
  • ISIS War (2012)
The small print
  • Minimum group size of 8
  • Allow minimum 2.5 hours to this activity with transport
  • The supplier reserves the right to refuse service to anyone deemed incapable of doing the activity (or finding it too dangerous) – i.e. if you are drunk, you will NOT be allowed to drive. If a member of the group is too drunk, we reserve the right to not allow them on the bus. No refund will be given in either case.

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