Local Spirit Tasting in Budapest

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What you and your Stag get

  • A guide to meet you at your accommodation and help you arrange transfers to the venue
  • Pálinka and other local tastes: Unicum! Five 2 cl shots.
  • A drink expert introducing the different flavours
  • Soft drinks
  • Pretzels – believe us, you’ll need them
Local Spirit Tasting Budapest

About Local Spirit Tasting in Budapest

Pálinka is a world-wide famous Hungarian spirit that has been the cure for every illness in the eyes of every Hungarian. Imagine a fruity brandy with 40-50 (sometimes 60-70%) alcohol. A very popular saying in Hungary is ’What can be used to prepare jam can also be used to produce pálinka.’ – and we can’t argue with that. So why not give this local spirit a try and have a tasting with Stag Republic?
The small print
  • Minimum group size of 8 people.
  • No transport is included in the price. Your guide can help you arrange transfers to the venue.

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