Budapet bobsled track

Bobsledding in Budapest

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What you and your Stag get

  • A lovely, local guide to meet you at your hotel
  • One pass per person (ten slides down each)
  • Snack (hamburger or hotdog)
  • Transport to and from bobsled venue by private coach
  • First round of beers free
Stag in a clown suit riding a bobsled

About Stag Do Bobsledding in Budapest

We ain't gonna lie to you - this is NOT an adrenaline-fuelled stag activity, this is a family-friendly kiddie ride in the countryside. So if the lads just want to go for some relaxing, 'kiddie' fun, then bobsledding is perfect. Roll down 700 metres of winding chutes and tracks in little tobbogans surrounded by the beautiful Visegrad hills. It really can be fun, we swear!
The small print
  • Minimum group size of 8
  • Allow minimum four to five hours with transport
  • Venue is located in Visegrad, approximately an hour’s drive North of Budapest
  • If weather turns bad (rain or too much snow) then the track will be closed. We’ll do our best to find an alternative activity but no refund will be given.

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