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Let us introduce you to the newest sensation in Budapest, Club Heaven!

budapest club

It’s been quite a few years (decades) since the latest club opened its gates to Budapest’s party tourists. This is why we were so happy when we heard about Club Heaven. As always we’d like to give the very best to our customers so let us share a couple of important facts about this brand […]

Our Suggestions For Daytime Activities To Try On Your Stag Weekend In Budapest

Bubble football

If you Google Budapest, the first things that come up (among the many sightseeing possibilities) are endless parties, ruin bars and a great variety of clubs. What’s good to know is that if you’re coming for a stag weekend to Budapest, you have the opportunity to try many daytime activities (not forgetting about pubs, clubs […]

How to Avoid The Honey Trap

Budapest Girls

You’re going to Budapest for your stag do? Well, you’re certainly in for a treat let me tell ya! There are more stunning ladies in the capital than anywhere else in the world, the girls will blow your mind, never mind anything else! However, this is a tale of caution – we’re going to give […]

If B is for Beer and D is for Dinner, then K is for Kaltenberg!

Dinner in Budapest

One thing’s sure: you can’t go partying without filling your empty stomach. I mean, you can, but then be prepared for a very short night. And let’s face it: you don’t want to pass out before midnight on your stag do in Budapest. Good news! We have a place in the city centre, where you […]

Looking For Something A Little More Sophisticated?

stag holiday

Be it a stag holiday in Budapest or Krakow, it’s not always just booze and boobs. For those who don’t want to spend most of their time in pubs and strip clubs we’ve put together a few activities that include a little culture and/or sightseeing, thus making sure you have some uncensored proof of how […]

Choose Your Poison On Your Stag Weekend in Budapest

wine stag dinner budapest

A stag weekend in Budapest is not a stag weekend without your favourite or ’going to be favourite’ nectars: beer, wine, pálinka and unicum. Why not try our favourite activities that include a lot of booze? Beer Bike, Wine Tasting and Local Spirit Tasting are just waiting for you to give them a try. Beer […]

Come and Get Ruined in Budapest’s Famous Ruin Pubs!

Szimpla Budapest

Beautiful Budapest is one fantastic place to visit, whether you’re on a stag do, a birthday weekend or a business trip, you can’t go far without coming across some of the most unique bars in all of eastern Europe. Ruin pubs are unusual, funky and the best drinkeries to while away a few hours, day […]

The Alternative Budapest Stag Weekend

Budapest by night

Beautiful Budapest is the city to be if you’re after something a little more classy than the usual stag do of drink, drink and more drink! Apart from the delightful ladies, spectacular scenery and cheap alcohol, there are so many more activities to do and things to see in this fantastic city! Trabant Tour The […]

Summertime Stag Do in Budapest with Stag Republic

Festival summer party

They say the best time to visit Budapest is during the summer. The sun is shining, people are happier and friendlier and this is the time of the year when party people leave the indoor places and tend to go to open-air bars and clubs.   This summer’s going to be our 20th summer. To […]