Right boys, if you’re coming on a¬†Budapest Stag Do, then get yourselves ready for the craziest weekend of your lives! If you’ve never heard of ‘Ruin’ pubs, then prepare to become closely acquainted over the course of your weekend. They are bars which have been created out of the old, abandoned buildings and courtyards all across Budapest. The beer is cheap, but tasty, the food is spot on and you’ll get to see some of the most delicious Hungarian honeys who frequent them, party on!

‘Szimplakert’ Szimplakert Ruin Baris one of the best Ruin pubs, with many rooms covered in stylish graffitti, where you’ll get funky DJs blasting out the coolest tunes of the decade. Glitter balls and gnomes swing from the ceiling, the table you’re sitting at, is actually a car and it’s fabulous! If the Stags want to get down and dirty, then trot along to ‘Instant’. A real ‘spit on the floor’ Ruin bar. Full of backpackers and travellers, this place will have your head in a spin. It has 7 bars – you’ll definitely not go thirsty here. There are upside down rooms and an enchanted forest out the back, we kid you not. Drink and play in here until 6am if you wish…

Fogas Ruin Bar, Budapest


Fogas Haz is an interesting bar to try. In the 50s, it was a dentist’s laboratory and some of the furniture is still there today. So if one of the Stags is particularly freaked out by the dentist, this could be fun! It’s full of party people, both locals and international who luuurve to dance, so make sure you’re ready for a full on rave. They have a reclining roof (OMG!) in the garden, so if it’s raining, it matters not!

If you fancy something a little more upmarket for your Budapest Stag Do, then check out ‘Spiler’. The guy who created it decided to make it a mash-up between a New York Bar and the traditional Hungarian pub and it works. The furniture’s from vintage shops and flea markets, the atmosphere is one of cool and the upside down ladders covered in lights are a sight to behold!

Spiler Bar, BudapestThere is no shortage of bars and pubs in this fantastic city. Your Budapest Stag Do cannot be anything but spectacular, should you be lucky enough to choose it as your location for all things Stag!