Let’s face it boys you didn’t organise your stag do in Budapest so you could walk around looking at some fancy buildings all day and sip tea… you came to get wellied on cheap beer and have a crack at pulling the local hotties… so really we better tell you the quickest way to get to it.

So without any further ado…

Don’t wine boys…

It might all sound a bit la-de-da for you hardened lads, but Hungarian wine is world class and every bit as tasty as it’s French and Italian counterparts… and the best bit… well a good bottle is way damn cheaper.

So while you’ve got the chance, why not sample a few during a wine tasting. You’ll get to taste 6 different wines with an English speaking sommelier at hand to teach you all sorts of fancy words you can use to describe what you’re tasting. You’ll also get a nice cheese board to pick from and a warm fuzzy feeling to carry you into the afternoon.

Budapest wine fest

And what’s more you can get some sophisticated looking photos to put the minds of the ladies back home at rest!

Pedal your way through

We did say you should’t spend your time walking around looking at all the sights but we didn’t say anything about a bike. And not just any ordinary bike… nope… jump aboard our beer bike and see the city like true champions.

Budapest Beer Bike

You’ll spend 2 hour getting driven around all the big sights of the city with a massive 20 litres of beer to consume between you. And do you want to know the best bit? There will be a sexy barmaid in full Bavarian gear to pour your lovely chilled beers for you.

Hit the town in style

Budapest has exploded in recent years with more and more tourists flocking there each year to get their kicks. Of course this means bars have opened up left, right and centre – much to the joy of everyone involved.

Stag party organisers

This does mean however, that nestled in between your charming watering holes are quite a few tourist dumps whose only purpose is to relieve you of the contents of your wallet in exchange for crap beer.

Let us take you on a guided pub crawl. Your guide will take you to all the cool places including the famous ruin bars you’ve heard so much about. The first round of drinks is on us and at the end of the night she will drop you at the front of the line of one of the hottest nightclubs in town… or at a strip bar if that’s what you prefer!

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