The extravaganza that is Budapest nightlife is not to be sniffed at. Throughout the sprawling city, you’ll find many bars and clubs that are ripe for partying and they’re not necessarily in the city centre. Whether you’re looking for a gloomy pub or a high-end nightclub, you’ll find it here in the Hungarian capital.

Ruin Pubs

As it states in the title, these little gems were built around the ruins of old courtyards. Shabby but chic, they are full of students, hipsters and people looking for a drink with a side of live music. By day, they are more like cafes, where people can pass the time and chill. In the evening they turn into mini gigs where live music is played and people start dancing on the tables. You must visit one at least once during your stay, we guarantee you’ll be going back for more!

Ruin pub Budapest


If you’re more of a clubber and like to get dressed up, then Budapest’s nightclubs will be your scene. Well known DJs are regularly flown in to play in the clubs, giving the house-loving crowd what they want. You can party till dawn and then some! The drinks are still cheap, music is pumping and the ladies are hot. You simply cannot go wrong if you choose to spend your stag do in a local nightclub. Ask your guide for recommendations to ensure your party goes with a bang!

Guided Night Club Entry Athens stag do


You are spoilt for choice when looking for something to eat in Budapest. There are many great places to dine, or even eat on the hoof. It is also recommended that you fill up before drinking your body weight in beer! Try any of these eateries for some superb nosh:

Cactus Juice Gastro Pub – A cosy bar, delicious burgers, great location

Sir Lancelot – Ideal for sword fighting, dressing up, meat eating

Beckett’s – Irish pub, sports watching, great food

Cafe Vian – Friendly, delicious food, terrace to people watch

Trattoria Toscana – On the riverside, homely tavern, Italian food

Budapest dinner

Nightlife Activities

Aside from the usual eating, drinking and dancing, there are also many other activities you can try in Budapest. Live concerts take place regularly throughout the summer and you can even go to a Thermal baths party should you so desire! Whatever your preferences, we can give you advice so your stag do is tailored perfectly, giving you the most amazing weekend you could have ever dreamed of!

Thermal Baths Party