Budapest has exploded since the end of communism as a city with something to please everyone – no matter your budget. Things are no different for those that choose to have their stag weekend in Budapest, with plenty to do in the day and lots of crazy nightlife to enjoy once the sun goes down.

Stag Republic know all the coolest things to do in Budapest and our sexy guides we’ll be happy to plan you a weekend of decadence per your particular tastes.

Here are some ideas for starters…

Take to the streets

It’s important to take to the road and see the sights when you’re in Budapest, after all, it’s a great city with lots of stunning architecture and history. If you’ve got money to burn we recommend you see it from the front seats if a piece of true communist engineering – a classic Trabant.

A stag party on a Trabant tour in Budapest

Buddy up and jump aboard for a scenic drive through the nearby Pills Hills, culminating in a delicious Hungarian dinner at a country restaurant where you can down some beers and try the local grub. At £69pp you’ll get some instruction on the Trabant’s unique controls from a local expert and plenty of chances to take some cool photos. Buckle up and let’s go.

If you fancy taking things a little slower and drunker then pile onto our beer bike and cruise the city with an ice-cold beer in hand. Don’t worry about navigation, your driver will take care of that giving you ample chance to see the sights and banter with any locals you pass on the way. Get your guide to teach you a few local phrases and just don’t forget to pedal. At £25pp it’s a great way to spend the afternoon!

Local guide Heni giving thumbs up on the Budapest beer bike

Eating is cheating

Well, we suppose it is, except given how much you’ll be drinking on a typical night out in Budapest we highly recommend it unless you fancy having a competition with your mates to see who can puke up the most.

All good stag nights start with dinner and we’ve got loads of options to keep you happy. If you’re keen to keep it cheap and take a little bit of English with you then by not let us treat you to a matchday dinner. For a mere £17 per person, we’ll get you the best seats in the house, beer, burger and the chance to stick around for when the ladies arrive later in the evening to enjoy some live music.

Krakow Match Day Meal

And for those groups with the budget to splash out a bit why not go for an all you can drink dinner for just a little extra at £29 per person you get a private room, gourmet grub and as many wines and beers as you think you can handle. And talking of handling… we can arrange a stripper for the stag as well.

A night to remember

The only thing better about the nightlife in Budapest than the cheap drinks is the ladies you’ll encounter. Hungary claims to have the hottest women in Europe and we think it would be pretty damn difficult for you to dispute that.

If you want to enjoy the night without breaking the bank then let us take you on a guided pub crawl. Whatever your taste your guide will be on hand to take you to the hottest places in town. There are some real crap joints in town and plenty that will try and rip you off, but we’ll make sure you don’t get lead astray. At £10pp we’ll get the first round of beers and swing you free entry at one of the best nightclubs at the end of the night. And remember, if someone offers you some Palinka, always say yes. You definitely won’t regret it. Maybe.

Beautiful Slovak women in a Bratislava night club

And if you’ve got a little money to burn why not end your night with a VIP visit to one of the best strip clubs in Budapest. For £19pp you’ll get your a reserved table, 2 rounds of drinks and we’ll send a cocktail over to your stripper so she doesn’t get thirsty while she’s doing a table dance for you. Sounds good right?

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