So you’re a bit older, a (little) bit wiser and you’re looking for something more from your Budapest stag weekend than just a 3 day long bender with nothing to show for it but a stinking hangover the following week back at work.

Well never fear, Stag Republic is here and after 15 years in the business, we have a range of activities to suit any group of people.

Here are some more refined suggestion for your stag party:


Nope, not the ladies (not yet anyway!). Shooting is a gentleman’s pursuit and thanks to better laws out here, laying your hands on some tasty firepower isn’t so difficult. Over the course of an action packed afternoon at the shooting range you’ll get your hands on such mighty weapons as a shotgun, AK47, Glock and a magnum.

Three lads on a Riga stag do with target sheets after shooting

Don’t worry, you’ll get full training for an English-speaking speaking instructor beforehand so no one gets hurt. What’s more you’ll get to keep your scorecard at the end (assuming you’ve got something to brag about!) and your guide will be waiting with a round of cold beers to celebrate an afternoon well spent.

Take to the hills!

The Pilis Hills surround Budapest and other a great natural landscape to explore away from the hustle bustle of urban life. Jump about one of our famous Trabants and you’ll get to see them in style. The Trabant is an icon of communist engineering and quite fun to drive as well – even if it is made of reinforced cotton wool!

Photo of 2 Trabants next to each other on the road out of Budapest

You’ll split up, two in each Trabant with the stag in his very own Hello Kitty themed car. Then with an English-speaking instructor on hand you’ll each get a go behind the wheel and a chance to pose for some photos.

Then once you’re way outside the city you’ll get to make a pitstop at a local village pub where we’ll treat you to a slap up Hungarian lunch with all the trimmings and some cold beer to boot!

A classy affair

Instead of a night in some crappy dive bar why not go for a much more sophisticated option instead – wine tasting.

Stag group tasting Hungarian wines in a Budapest café

We’ll whisk you down to one of the fanciest wine bars in town where an English-speaking sommelier will be on hand to tempt your tastebuds with 6 of the finest Hungarian wines on offer.

We’re sure you’ll quite enjoy things and to make sure you do we’ll send over a nice cheese board, an unlimited supply of soda water and afterwards we’ll point you in the right direction if you fancy taking your warm woozy feeling onwards with you to a bar or club.

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