Budapest is a hard party city, cram-packed with fit ladies and an eye waveringly strong local spirit of choice called Palinka. Should you choose to have your stag weekend in Budapest (a winner’s choice we might add) then you’re going to encounter both on your nights out – for that reason we thought we’d give you the low down on how to party the right way in Budapest.

Pre-drinking is key

Hungarians start their partying a little later than the British. You’d be hard-pressed to find a decent crowd gathering before 10pm and thinks don’t get well and truly rowdy until at least midnight.

Where might you find Hungarian during these twilight hours? Why at dinner of course! Now we know that Brits need to start drinking as soon as the sun sets so we can combine your grub session with some of that sweet sweet amber nectar. That’s right, start the evening with an all you can drink dinner.

All You Can Drink Dinner - Budapest

We’ll sort you a private spot at a top downtown restaurant and treat you to a 3-course slap-up meal. We’ll take care of the bill and tipping while you take care of something much more important – helping yourself to all the beers and house wines you fancy.

Arrive in style

Now, if we’re honest, we have to say that Hungarian guys are a little underwhelming on the party scene. Rather than being out and about showing people who’s boss you’re much more likely to find them propping up the bar with a pint or Palinka in hand.

So really you’ve got ample opportunity to impress the ladies by just being a little wind and spontaneous – and this should start from the second you arrive – which is why we recommend taking the party bus into town.

Budapest party bus

When you step aboard you’ll notice how big this thing is… big enough, in fact, to bring along some strippers if you’d like – and you’ll also notice the pimping sound and video system ready and awaiting your favourite tunes… oh and the well-stocked beer and champagne fridge! Enjoy!

See town the right way

Now we told you Budapest was a big city… and it’s got bars literally everywhere. This is great news for the endlessly thirsty denizens of Budapest but can be quite intimidating for the unaware tourist. Alas, some places are more touristy than ever and take the wrong turn and you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with no one else but other stag groups.

Let us organise a guided pub crawl. Your lovely guide for the weekend will consult with you and draw up a list of some of the sexiest places in town – places where you’ll meet real Hungarians and get some real drinks for real prices (ok you get the picture)… if you remember anything the next day – well you didn’t go hard enough.

Krakow stag pub crawl

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