Szia from B-to-the-P Town!

Ah, the days of Rio, Buddha Beach and Zöld Pardon… They were good, not that I remember much. Things, however, must always keep evolving. These clubs are closed and gone now. And the catchphrase of this half-decade is Ruin Bars in Budapest.

Buddha beach

You heard right. Ruins. It started simply enough, with Szimpla. A small, tacked-together, hodge-podge bar that grew into the Hipster Capital of Budapest Country. Now every metrosexual and their hairy uncle have converted courtyards into trendy hotspots all over the 6th, 7th, 8th districts and even Buda-side.

Ruin bar Budapest

This does not mean that dancing is no longer cool. Take Mika Tivadar Udvar, for example. The big outdoor area is adjacent to a funky indoor bar, head down the stairs to the dance floor where fair maidens sway their lovely hips and behold – a DJ spinning pretty good tunes too. Live concerts are fairly common too.



So, fear not my dear stags! The ruin bar revolution will only benefit you, for the following reasons:

1) There is at least one ruin pub per block in the 6th and 7th districts

2) It is much easier to chat up ladies in a unique, bohemian setting.  Later, you can move on to the big clubs on the Obuda Islands, with said lovely ladies in tow.

3) There is no charge at the door! What a glorious concept, my friends.

4) Drinks are cheaper than in the big dance clubs

5) We can dance, we can dance, everybody’s taking the chance.

Until we meet again, keep practising this word: romkocsma

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