A stag weekend in Budapest doesn’t just have to be about booze and birds – after all, it’s a cosmopolitan city with lots of culture, great food and spectacular scenery (we mean the buildings!)

We’ve been organising stag parties in this city for over 15 years and for those of you looking to see something a little more refined we know just what to offer to keep you entertained.

Here are some ideas for you:

Trabant tour

The Trabant is a triumph of communist engineering and practically a driving museum. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple laying around and we’d love to take you on a tour in one.

We’ll group you up, two guys per car and we’ll even stick the stag in our special ‘Hello Kitty’ car if you think he’ll be able to stand the embarrassment. Then it’s away into the countryside that surrounds Budapest with an instructor at your side and a chance for you both to get behind the wheel for a bit.

Assuming you arrive in one piece the tour will eventually arrive in a charming nearby village pub where we’ll lay on a nice Hungarian lunch for you.

Trabant tour Budapest

Set sail

While we call it a party boat it is of course up to you how hard you go at it. If strippers and endless shots aren’t your thing then feel free to sit top deck with a quiet pint in hand admiring the stunning views that await you on both sides of the Budapest river.

Your guide will do her best to point out the main sights and give you a 101 history lesson and if you fancy making a real afternoon out of it we can lay on a nice Hungarian buffet for you.

Budapest Party Boat

Sink a few red ones

Hungary is famous for its wine… you might not have got the message all the way back over there in Blighty but on the dinner tables here you’re much more likely to find a drop of something local than any of that pretentious stuff from France or Italy.

If you want the chance to try for yourself then why not let us organise you a wine cellar dinner.

We’ll sort you out a table or a private room at one of Budapest’s top restaurants and alongside a delicious 3-course dinner you’ll get 4 great wine pairings hand picked by an on-call sommelier and a shot of Hungarian palinka to send shivers up your spine.

Budapest wine dinner

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