After beer and a lack of inhibitions, we think strippers are the other essential ingredient of a killer stag weekend in Budapest. Ladies over here are hot and the strippers… that extra bit hotter ;-)

If you’re looking for fun ways to surprise your mate with one let us give you a little helping hand.

On the way from the airport

Guys… don’t be mugs and get taxis into town from the airport. Not only will you pay way more than you should, but also you won’t get to see some of the best scenery in Budapest.

We’re not talking trees or buildings though. Nope, we’re talking ladies ;-) Some of the hottest in fact and if you take our stripper hummer from the airport you’ll get to see for yourself.

Your guide will be waiting at arrivals with some chilled champagne and once you’re safely inside you can wait for the show to begin with an ice-cold beer.

It’s a good 40 min drive to your hotel but somehow we don’t think you’ll notice – not with 2 gorgeous strippers climbing all over you.

Budapest hummer strippers

Happy snappy

Ok, she’s not a stripper but if you want some happy photographic memories of your weekend and a sexy lady to ogle at then why not call our sexy photographer.

She can come along to dinners, boat trip and beer bike adventures and she’ll capture all the fun over 2 hours and send it to you on a CD when you get home. She’s a friendly lass and you’ll be sure to get on very well with her.

Something a bit different for dinner

You’re probably getting hungry (In Hungary!) and we’ve got just the thing for your thoroughly famished stomach. You won’t need a knife and fork for this one though because we’ve proposing a naked body buffet.

Krakow naked sushi

What do you get? 10 pieces of sushi each with all the trimmings and plenty of changes to take photos – just be careful about showing those to the misses when you get back.

Don’t like fish… we can also do a fruit and chocolate option as well!

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