For every stag party that spends the weekend getting pickpocketed on *that* bridge in Prague and constantly diving to avoid idiots on Segways, there is a stag party that makes the right choice on a stag weekend in Budapest gunning for something a little more exotic.

Over here a stag weekend abroad means beer, beer, more beer and local ladies, high off the honour of being named Europe’s hottest, patrol the streets looking for lovely naive British lads that haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting something delicious (we mean Palinka of course). And trust us, once is never enough to satisfy these ladies!

Getting ready for a night out

No need to rush boys, nights here start late and end whenever you decide to fall into (somebody’s) bed. So take your time and enjoy a few beers over dinner. Our gorgeous local guide will be present to tell you a few stories of previous stag’s endeavours – that way you know what you’ve got to beat!

Stag Dinner

Better make it a classic stag dinner if you want to show the stag that this weekend is going to mean business. A few shots and 3 courses of delicious local food later you’ll be fighting to make room for dessert. But don’t worry this one’s more for looking at – yep a sexy Hungarian stripper determined for you to find out just how sweet she really is!

Set sail for a jolly good night

Now anyone can go on a pub crawl. Sure they’re fun but this is not what the stag needs when he’s staring down the barrel of 40 years of nights curled up on the sofa with Saturday night TV for company.

Set sail on our stag party boat and enjoy 2 hours cruising down the Danube taking in the sights and downing the beer which you’ll find to be disgustingly cheap in this part of the world. If you’ve packed your costumes it’s definitely the time to break them out and reel of the cheesiest puns you have. We can even invite along a few strippers if you want an audience for your antics – don’t worry they’ll still smile and nod, even if they don’t find you funny!

Budapest Party Boat

Where’s the real party at?

Unless you’re making serious bank back home then the average night at a strip bar will be some sleazy affair with watered-down beer and the threat of real violence if you refuse to stick a quid in the pot of the lady that circles the bar every 10 minutes.

Shower show

Luckily in this part of the world, you can get Stringfellow’s quality for mere pocket change and ladies that want to show you just how welcoming to tourists Hungarians really are. For the lads that haven’t managed to play their cards right make we’ll make sure you still go to bed with a smile on your face by taking you to one of Budapest’s classiest strip bars.

We’ve got you 25% of drinks and table dances and if you really want a treat, make sure you ask for a ‘shower show” – you won’t regret it!

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