Budapest is a great city to have your stag weekend abroad. It’s known as the “Paris of the East” but with much cheaper beer and much prettier ladies. It’s also a city that’s full of surprises with a crazy nightlife scene and plenty of not-so-drunken banter inducing things to do during the day. If you’re looking for unusual stag weekend then Stag Republic has got you sorted.

Get warmed up over dinner

Now eating might be cheating back home, but with the night you’ve got ahead of you, you’ll be thankful to get something to line your stomach. You like sushi right? Of course! Now, have you ever eaten it off a naked lady? Well, now you can tick that off your bucket list and chow down on a delicious feast… assuming you can take your eyes off the table that is! 10 pieces per person and all the soy sauce, wasabi and ginger you want. Remember to practice with those chopsticks before you leave.

Naked Sushi Stripper in Krakow

Early in the Night – The Pub Crawl

The night’s getting on, and it’s high time you started your pub crawl. After all, it’s the highlight of any stag weekend abroad. Luckily our guides know this city inside out. Forget tourist trap crap holes with over-priced beers. Instead, you’ll see exactly what Budapest has got to offer – mind-numbingly strong local palinka and local ladies that might well make you wonder why you don’t live here permanently. And because we’re so nice we’ll throw in the first round of beers for free and teach you how to say ‘cheers’ in Hungarian.

Krakow stag pub crawl

Things start getting a bit weird

Everyone’s steaming drunk which is great. But you need something to make this night memorable! Don’t worry, we’ve got just the idea. Why not have the stag handcuffed to our lovely roly-poly stripper for an hour. She’s a lovely lady and she’ll keep the stag company while you’re all of trying to get laid. After all, you did promise the bride-to-be that you’d keep him away from the other ladies… and besides, just think of the classic photo opportunities. The lads back home are going to love this!

Budapest Fat Stripper

Time for some hot stuff

The pub crawl went well so let’s see about turning up the heat a bit? How about some mud wrestling? We’ll lube you up with two free rounds of beer while two gorgeous nude females lube themselves up and get down and dirty wrestling for you. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun without a little audience participation. That’s right, the winner stays on and it’s time for the stag to jump in the ring and prove himself. Don’t worry, it’s winner stays on and afterwards, for a little extra we can give you exclusive use of the strip club so you can sit back for a few more cocktails and a lap dance or two to round off your trip.

Bratislava Mudwrestling

What a weekend! ;-)

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