To make absolutely sure that your stag party in Budapest is one of the most amazing and unforgettable parties of the century, take heed of our no-nonsense set of rules! There can be no margin for error here boys, the groom must have a fantastic time and there should be nothing that happens that is harmful or a threat to life!

All Decisions Are Made by the Best Man

Even though the best man needs to listen to the groom for the basics of what he’d like, it’s really down to the best man to organise the stag party. Unfortunately for the best man, he’ll need to stay relatively sober in order to prevent any wrongdoings to the groom and to make sure everyone gets home in one piece.

Stag Party Location

Now, this depends whether or not you’ve decided to go abroad for your stag do. If you’re remaining on home ground, then choose a place where other people aren’t going to know you – nothing worse than Steve from the chip shop divulging to your missus that you had your head between a stripper’s thighs, is there? You could hire a room or even have it at a friend’s house, that way you could drink all night and not get kicked out at closing time!

If you are planning on a stag in Budapest or elsewhere, make sure you check all of the places you want to go, to eliminate the possibility of being ripped off! Going with a reputable party organiser, like Stag Republic can give you peace of mind…

Budapest by night with fireworks

Alcohol Consumption

So if you’re going to be buying the alcoholic drinks for the stag do, add an extra 50% just to make sure. There’s nothing worse than getting to 1am and finding you’ve run out, the boys won’t be happy! If you’re going to be out and about, check you’ve enough cash for the night and of course, help each other out if someone’s down on funds!

Cheers with beer!

Booking Strippers

The all important subject of a stag do. Do your homework. If you’re staying local, check out some testimonials of reputable agencies and book yourselves at least 2 strippers, so if one isn’t up to scratch, at least you have another to look forward to! If you’re going on a stag in Budapest, your local guide can advise you on the best strip clubs to go to, or you can book a stripper alongside other activities, and trust us, they are gooood!

Budapest stripper dinner

Allow the best man to do his job, but any tips you can give him could well make the difference between an unforgettable stag in Budapest and a downright miserable one!