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Crack Krakow With These Action-Packed Activities

Krakow offroading

Krakow is the place to be on a stag do. There are a million and one activities for you to try, so you’d better book a week so you can try them all out! At least there’s no need to worry about being bored, with activities and nightlife ready to be sampled in Poland’s capital, […]

If a Boozy Stag Weekend in Krakow is Right Up Your Street, Read on!

krakow night club

If Krakow is the destination of choice for your stag do, then you’ve made an excellent decision! Stunningly hot ladies adorn the bars and clubs and the alcohol is waaay cheaper than anywhere in the western world. All in all, you’ll be hard pushed not to enjoy your stag do, there’s plenty of activities to […]

Krakow Stag Weekends – Go Mad and Party Till You Drop!

Krakow brewery dinner

No doubt you’re just chomping at the bit to get away to Poland’s party capital…but hold your horses one minute! You need to have some inside information about what Krakow is all about and how you can get the most out of your weekend there. From local ladies to places to go, our pearls of […]

Enjoy Your Stag Do in Krakow with Strippers, Transfers, Food & Booze!

Krakow stag party bus

It’s here! The stag do of the century has finally arrived, so it’s time to get packed up and head off on your stag do in Krakow. Hopefully, you will have organised some special treats for him in the shape of some delightful Polish strippers and it goes without saying that booze and banter will […]

The Alternative Culture Guide to your Krakow stag weekend

Krakow stag snowmobiles

Even though stag nights are traditionally known for drinking, clubbing and stripping, you don’t have to follow the crowd. There are many other activities you can try to have the best stag do for you and the boys. If you’re after that adrenalin rush or you just want to have fun but with a little […]

Our Guide to a Great Stag Night in Krakow

Guided Pub Crawl

If you’re thinking that a stag do in Krakow might be a wash out, think again! Gone are the days that Poland was seen as a communist country, these days, the Poles are happy, welcoming and definitely up for a good party! Krakow is an amazing place to host your stag do, with bars aplenty […]

You Da (Best) Man? We Will Help You Organise the Ultimate Stag Do in Krakow

Krakow stag guides on grass field with city name sign

The role of the Best Man is more to do with giving the groom moral support, along with organising the stag do (in Krakow), giving the all-important hilarious speech and keeping hold of the rings until the big moment. The Best Man is usually the stag’s best bud, but the role has also been given […]

Booze, Stags, Kraków – Match Made in Heaven!

Krakow stag pub crawl

If you’re after cheap booze, beautiful surroundings and pretty ladies, then you’ve come to the right place. Kraków has all 3 by the bucketload, so sit down, grab a beer and read on… A Stag Weekend in Kraków starts as soon as you touch down at the airport. We’ll pick you up, bundle you all in […]