Krakow might be Poland’s nightlife capital but it also holds it’s cultural crown jewels in the form of the magnificent Wawel Castle and the beautiful old town square. If you’re looking for more of a refined stag party abroad then you can’t go far wrong with this city.

We’ve been organising stag weekends for over 15 years and we’ve got some great ideas for you:

Need for speed

If you’re the sort of person that prefers an adrenaline rush rather than a long stinking hangover then we can definitely recommend snowmobiling as the ultimate stag weekend activity (assuming you come in winter that is!).

Krakow snowmobiles

With all equipment and training provided you’ll pair off onto each machine and get half an hour each to whizz through the Tatra Mountain snow at high speed with our guide on the sidelines to take some photos.

And after, to help you warm-up, we’ll lay on a traditional Polish lunch with a nice round of beers.

High rollers

Ever heard of a penny-farthing? It’s one of those clumsy-looking bicycles with a big wheel at the front? Ever thought about riding one? Probably not… they look impossible right?!

Krakow stag penny farthing

Well trust us they ain’t as bad they look and after a lesson with our expert you’ll be riding one around like a pro. Your trainer will tell you all about the fascinating history of the contraptions and tell you the secret to successfully keeping your arse off the ground.

And if does all go tits up your guide will be waiting for you with a round of beers and some embarrassing photos to get you through.

Eat up

Nights out in Krakow go long so it’s important to get a good meal in yourself before taking your liver out on the town.

Poland is well known for its good beer with its many breweries doing their part to keep the incumbent population well watered. We’ll take you along to one for dinner so you can see for yourself.

Brewery tour Budapest

You’ll be served a delicious beer-marinaded pork knuckle with mustard, bread, horseradish and a crapload of Polish pickles to keep you happy. And of course there will be beer with it, 1 litre of it, in fact, served in a cosy little beer cellar at the brewery.

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