Krakow stag pub crawl

If you’re after cheap booze, beautiful surroundings and pretty ladies, then you’ve come to the right place. Kraków has all 3 by the bucketload, so sit down, grab a beer and read on…

A Stag Weekend in Kraków starts as soon as you touch down at the airport. We’ll pick you up, bundle you all in a Stretch Limo where there is bubbly and beer waiting. You can acclimatise to the new country and take in your surroundings as you ride in style to your accommodation. Don’t worry about the time and getting out early, in Kraków, they start later and continue much later into the next day, so take it easy!

A ‘Party Tram’ is an ideal way of seeing the town, while having a beer at the same time. It’s a vintage tram, which takes you from the Jewish Quarter to the main square and back again, we’ll even give you the first beer on the house! If you fancy spicing things up, you could book to have a stripper join you if the views aren’t sufficient enough?

After your little trip, you might be feeling a little peckish, how about sushi? How about a ‘Naked Sushi Dinner‘? Don’t panic! We’re not expecting you and the boys to get naked while you stuff yourselves full of fish. That would be all kinds of wrong. But how about a gorgeous naked stripper covered in pieces of sushi, for you and the boys to delicately pick up and eat? Sound better? Thought so. In the best sushi restaurant in Kraków, you will get a shot of sake, a glass of plum wine and 10 pieces of sushi each and of course, a delightful view throughout your meal. ?

If you’re fighting fit and ready to get back on the horse, then can we tempt you with another Kraków Stag Activity, ‘Oil Wrestling‘? Again, not the boys rubbing themselves against each other, but 2 delectable Polish beauties in bikinis, covering each other in oil and wrestling until their bikinis pop off. While you watch, we’ll provide 2 free beers as the girls wrestle through 2 rounds. The final round’s a corker – the Stag gets to join in, whether he wants to or not!? Get your cameras ready, it’ll be one to remember.

To finish the evening off, a ‘Guided Pub Crawl‘ would be just about perfect, with one of our fantastic guides to take you exactly where you want to go. Pubs, bars and nightclubs surround the city, we’ll take you to the best, until you’ve finally had your fill…until tomorrow that is. ?