Have your stag party in Krakow and we can guarantee you two things. Cheap booze and pretty ladies. Yep, Krakow is the party capital of Poland, which has attracted bars aplenty and lovely ladies to fill them. But be warned, people start later and go on longer here… clocking out for a kebab at 2am isn’t going to impress anyone.

Let us tell you how to party here like a true champion!

Taste the vodka

Fun fact, Poland invented vodka and the Russians just stole it. The Poles aren’t that worried though, because they know they make the best stuff and we’ve yet to find a foreigner that doesn’t agree once they’ve tasted it.

Polish vodka tasting

Let us organise a vodka tasting for you so you too can join the legion of fans. With an English-speaking expert close at hand you’ll try 5 different flavours with some juice chasers and traditional Polish pub snacks to go with it.

Pear, cherry, lemon… it’s really hard to say which is the best… especially when you can’t even remember drinking them the next day.

Drinking on wheels

Just because you’re in Krakow to drink the stag on his way to marriage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time to see the sights. Krakow is a beautiful city with lots to explore and plenty of history to see.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to put your beer down if you choose to jump aboard our party tram.

Krakow Vintage Party Tram

You’ll get an hour aboard the tram as it cruises to the Jewish district and back, a free beer (with more on offer for cash) and your guide will give you an overview of what you’re seeing. You just need to sit back, take some snaps and wave at the pretty ladies as you go by. Oh, and you can add Polish strippers as well if you want to!

Finding the heart of the party

Krakow has some truly legendary bars but these can be hard to find among all the crappy dive bars that have shot up in the last few years. Luckily we can organise a guided pub crawl where your guide will lead you to all the right places.

A stag group on a Riga pub crawl with local guides

Over 4 hours she will take you to some of her favourite places, sort the first round of drinks for free and even teach you a few Polish phrases if you want to have a crack at impressing the local ladies.

And if you don’t have any luck she’ll drop you at one of Krakow’s most exclusive nightclubs or a strip bar at the end of the night.

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