No matter what your budget if for your stag weekend abroad, Krakow is a city with infinite opportunities to get proper drunk and make an arse of yourself in front of beautiful Polish ladies who will probably giggle and think your British antics are oh so cute.

With careful planning, we can make sure you’ll spill more vomit and adrenaline over a weekend than you’d be able to afford on even a lone night out abroad. So whether you decide to splash out or count the pennies there is one thing you can be sure of discovering on your stag party in Krakow – and that’s how real men drink.

Go in all guns blazing

IMG_2667Being able to correctly handle a weapon used to be right of passage for men and a must-have any time one was challenged to a duel. Alas, health and safety has all but reduced it to something reserved for those willing to spend days following dears in the woods or people willing to actually put their life on the line in sandier parts of the world.

But not in Poland. For those with a little money to spend, we recommend a little playtime with some big boys toys. Namely guns, big menacing ones that spit out bullets faster than X-Factor does with bad music. Connect with the Soviet mentality for a few hours and let us take you extreme shooting. At £75pp it’s a cheap way to buy a little macho.

And if you can’t quite stretch for that then airsoft is just about the next soft thing. Same style weapons just this time they don’t kill so you can feel free to run about for 2 hours shooting each other as your English-speaking guide teaches you proper wartime tactics and leads of on some daring games. Get in for only £31pp

Cooling off

A stag party white water rafting in KrakowLet’s face it, in the summer central Europe can get damn hot, so to avoid any overheating before the night ahead it’s a good idea to find some water and cool off. But sod sitting by the river all day sipping fruit cider – that’s for the lads back home.

For the extravagant among you we recommend an afternoon rafting. A guide will tell you all the ways to not die and you’ll then spend 2 hours crapping yourself down some of the best rapids in Europe. And assuming you don’t end up floating all the way out to sea your lovely guide will be waiting for you with a round of beers to celebrate. At £59pp it’s a great day out.

But if you fancy saving your cash for something a little more important (like beer) then why not spend the day at the water park. Wave goodbye to any hangover with time in the jacuzzi and then break up repeated trips down the waterslide with free beers poolside. You’ll have a lovely guide with you at all times to help you make a real splash. £27pp.

Big night out

A stag party on a pub crawl in KrakowA night out in Krakow means hard-drinking and hot ladies. You really can’t go wrong in this city especially with one of our lovely guides present to stop you wandering off anywhere dodgy.

For those with cash in abundance, we can treat you to a night out at a VIP strip bar. Expect your own private table, a free round of drinks and a lot of local scenery to enjoy.

And if you want to keep things cheap like the locals let us take you on a pub crawl. With more bars per square meter than any other city in the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Tell your guide what you like and let her show you the delights of this city. And afterwards, she’ll swing you free entry and one of the best nightclubs in town.