Naked Sushi Stripper in KrakowIf you’re coming to Kraków for your Stag Do, organise your trip to within an inch of its life, otherwise, you’ll be so disappointed if you have to miss out on some of these fantastic activities!

Have you ever even held a real gun? Not just talked about it, but held and shot one? Well, in Kraków, you and your Stags can take part in Extreme Shooting where you’ll be able to brag about firing a Polish Uzi, a Kalashnikov, a Glock, a CZ75B Pistol and a Shotgun! Oh yes, you have 75 shots to fire, of course, you’ll be in competition with the other Stags in your group, each having your own target sheet to compare afterwards when drinking your free round of beers! Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little afraid, you will have an English speaking instructor, who will guide you through the process- take out all of your daily stresses on that target sheet, it’ll be worth it!

If you’re the type of Stags who love adrenalin-fuelled activities, then Dunajec Rafting could make your experience exciting and memorable…two hours rafting down the Dunajec River Gorge, braving the elements and fighting the white water rapids, you’ll need to work as a team to survive!

If you just fancy a bit of fun after all of the adventure, some Bubble Football can really change the mood from scary to hilarious. Encased in a giant, transparent ball, 8 of you can attempt to run around and play footie, funny for those watching, absolutely hilarious for those playing. Great start to the fun evening ahead 😜

So, Naked Sushi Dinner or a Brewery Dinner? You need to eat to keep up your strength for the night time’s shenanigans, so you and your Stags could start the nakedness as you mean to go on, and feast on Sushi that has been strategically placed all over a gorgeous naked stripper’s body! Oh yes, 10 pieces each, free wine and Sake, by the time you’ve finished your meal, there will be a very naked lady on the dining table 😛  Or, if you’re if you need a more fulfilling meal, rather than fish bits, the Brewery Dinner is definitely more substantial. It’s the famous Polish Golonka – a giant ham hock marinated in beer, cooked slowly on a spit, mmm. It comes served with bread, mustard, horseradish and Polish pickles AND you each get a litre of beer to wash it down with, you just can’t go wrong!