If you’re coming to Krakow for your stag then you’ve made the right choice. It’s Poland’s undisputed nightlife capital and you’re guaranteed to have fun. But picture the scene, you wake up hungover with a stinking headache. Worse still you had a crack at pulling some of the beautiful ladies of Krakow but got nowhere. You need something to lift the group’s mood and quick.

Stag Nation has your back. Let our super-sexy local guides lead you on an action-packed day around town. When they’re not drinking champagne and having pillow fights, they’re finding cool new places to take you. Trust us, you’re in safe hands.

Paint the town red

Budapest-paintball01The ideal way to start the day is a game of paintball. Go for our 4-hour package and you’ll get to do battle across 6 different courses located on a former Soviet military site. An English speaking referee will take you through different types of games and once scores are settled your lovely host will be waiting back at base with a round of beers for you. Just make sure the stag remembers to wear his cup, he’s going to need his crown jewels intact come wedding day.

All guns blazing

IMG_2667Or if you want something a bit closer to real war, then check out our shooting days. We’ve got something for every budget, but if you’re subscribing to the “go big or go home” mentality for your stag then definitely go for the extreme shooting package. With a whopping 75 rounds and all the different guns you can lay your hands on, this is just about as close as you’ll ever get to Arnie awesomeness.

Start your engines

offroad3Then it’s time for a spot of show-off driving with our 4×4 offroad package. Taking it in turns with an instructor by your side you’ll get to bomb it around woods and mountains in Land Rovers and Troopers. Why not make a game out of it. The first one to get scared buys a round of drinks. Oh, and don’t worry about lunch, we’ll lay one out for you there, Polish soups, sausage and some beer to wash it all down. Lovely!

Vodka o’clock!

Vodka shots on our stag party vodka tasting tour.With adrenaline pumping, it’s probably time to relax with a few drinks before dinner. But the Polish don’t relax with a beer, nope, they go for something a little stronger, namely vodka. Fun fact for you, they invented the stuff, the Russian’s just stole the idea and made it popular. If you ask a local, however, they will tell you that Poland does it best. Why not judge for yourself with our vodka tasting. 5 shots of different vodka and a local expert to feed you snacks and a history lesson in between. If you manage to stay standing until the end you’ll earn the respect of the locals for sure. Good luck!



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