What self respecting stag doesn’t love a drinking game or ten? On your stag do in Krakow, you can really up the ante and play some marvellously crazy games to ensure that the whole crew are so squiffy that they won’t be able to remember their own names. Hilarity and one-upmanship will ensue, so take note of the games we’ve researched thoroughly (hic) and enjoy.

Wizard Staff

The only thing that can make a wizard wise is beer, apparently. So, this game involves the wizard (you boys) getting wiser the more beer he drinks. Every time a beer is finished, the empty can gets added to the other empties (with duct tape, sellotape, or any other kind of tape available). Each empty represents a level, so 3 cans means you’re at level 3, etc. At the end of the game, the wisest wizard is the one on the highest level. Be wise my son, drink beer.

Beer cans drinking game

Never Have I Ever

The classic drinking game, usually taking place at university, or the like. Someone says ‘Never have I ever eaten a bogey’ and those that have, have to take a drink. Excellent for discovering secrets about the other stags and a brilliant way to get hammered!


Hilarious and fun to watch for others not on the stag do. Someone shouts out a phrase, preferably when you’re all in a crowd, on your stag do in Krakow, and everyone has to act accordingly. So if someone shouts ‘dying fly!’ the boys have to drop to the floor and act like a dying fly. The last one to respond has to down their drink.


With this game, everyone needs to be sat around a table with their drinks and an empty pint glass should be sat in the middle. The first player pours some of his drink into the empty pint glass and the guy to his left tosses a coin. If the first player guesses the coin’s outcome correctly, then the pint is passed to the left, along with the coin. If they are wrong, they have to drink whatever is in the glass. By the time a few correct guesses have come up, the contents of the glass could be awful, not to mention lethal!

Tossing a coin

T-Rex Arms

A funny drinking game for those who love dinosaurs! Whenever someone goes to take a drink, they have to keep their arms locked to their body, like a T-Rex! If they fail to do this, they have to drink again, until they learn!

Have fun on your stag do in Krakow, let the drinking games begin!

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