Just because Krakow is the party capital of Poland doesn’t mean you need to be young and reckless to enjoy a stag party there. Stag Republic have been organising stag weekend in Europe’s premier stag weekend destination for years and thanks to knowing all the best bars and activity organisers in the city, we can throw you quite the party, no matter how old you are.

Here are some suggestions of things you can get up to here:

All aboard

Krakow Vintage Party Tram

You’re in one of Europe’s most charming cities so it would be criminal if you didn’t see some of the sites. Do it in style though with a trip aboard our party tram. Don’t worry! It’s not quite as rowdy as it sounds. It’s a beautifully restored old tram which has been refitted with nice seating and most importantly a fridge stocked with ice-cold beer.

Take a ride with us and you’ll get to see the famous Jewish Quarter and back with your guide on hand to give you a little history and orientation lesson. You’ll be the old people aboard for a whole hour and there will be plenty of chances to take photos and wave at passers-by.

You’re fired!

Krakow shooting range

Ever had the chance to offload some lead before? If you’re not a soldier or a bank robber than quite possibly not. Luckily in Poland, it’s fairly easy too if you just head down to your local shooting range.

Hitting the target takes a little maturity we feel so it’s over to you guys on this one. You’ll get full training from an English speaking instructor who will teach you how to handle an Uzi, shotgun, Kalashnikov and a trusty handgun. Afterwards, you’ll get to keep your target card and your guide will have a round of cold beers waiting for you.

Tuck into something tasty

Krakow brewery dinner

We think a brewery dinner is the best way to top off play hard day. Poland is well known for its beer and you can’t leave without trying some of it fresh from the tap.

We’ll take you to a local Krakow pub where they brew their own beer, give you a quick tour and then sit you down for a slap-up meal of beer-marinated pork knuckle, bread, mustard and Polish pickles… all watered down with a litre of beer fresh from the tap!

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