With Krakow being Poland’s nightlife capital we’re sure your expectations are high – with fit birds and booze aplenty we know you’re keen to dive in headfirst and really indulge – and we’re here to make sure you get the chance to do that. It’s not hard to go with the flow in this city… but without a little insider knowledge, you might end up going a little astray.

So here’s the masterclass:

Get a taste for the local brew

Poland is vodka territory, it’s so good here in fact that the Russians stole the stuff and even tried to pretend they invented. Ask any local though and they’ll tell you it tastes way better here!

It’s strong stuff though and because it tastes do damn nice (lemon, cherry and pear flavour are all firm local favourites) you end up drinking a lot more than you set out to… which means one hell of a hangover come dawn.

So why not let us sort you a vodka tasting session so you can get a feel for the stuff. With a local expert at the helm, you’ll try 5 varieties and get a little lesson on brewing technique as well. And just in case you were worried about getting peckish we’ll lay on a few traditional Polish pub snacks as well.

Polish vodka tasting

Get a good dinner down you

With any luck, you’ll still get going come sunrise so it’s important to get some carbs inside you ready for the onslaught ahead. We’ve got you covered with a brewery dinner.

It’s a centrally located cellar bar that brews it’s own beer also happens to cook a fantastic Golonka – a giant hock of ham covered in beer, spit-roasted and best served with yet more beer (which we will happily supply you). Forget hassle with bills and instead sit back and enjoy…

Krakow brewery dinner

See the good places

Krakow budget pub crawlKrakow probably has the highest density of bars per square mile of anywhere in the world. At least that’s what the locals will tell you. This is epic of course but what it also means is there are a hell of a lot of tourist bars where you will see exactly 0 fit local ladies.

Let us take you on a guided pub crawl and your guide will take you to some of her favourite places and show you how locals really party. And once you’re fully warmed up she’ll drop you at one of best nightclubs in town… or at a strip bar if you’d prefer.

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