Why not consider Poland as your destination for an unbelievable Stag Do? Eastern Europe is fast becoming the epicentre for Stag and Hen Parties, with good reason. In the time it takes to travel to any major city in the UK, you could be on the plane, almost touching down on the runway, to a brand new world of culture and possibilities…

Stag Do in Poland

A Stag Do in Poland is probably the best decision you’ll have made since proposing to your wife-to-be. The city is steeped in history and the cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale! While Krakow is getting more popular with tourists, it’s not at the point of being ridiculously crowded. You can walk around freely without constantly bumping into people. Not that it would matter if you did; the Poles are a friendly bunch and you won’t feel as if you don’t belong there. 

Bars, Pubs and Drinkeries!

There are over 400 pubs in Krakow. Yes, you read that right – 400! Don’t like one pub? Try another…There are underground bars, pubs down windy little streets, drinking places in the main square, where you can people watch, so much choice for such a small city. Everything is within walking distance, so there is no need to spend money on taxis and buses. It’s a good idea to take one of our fabulous local guides with you, on your night out. They can interpret and give priceless advice on the best bars and clubs to go to, including the ones that are off the beaten track. They will also make sure you know where the areas are to avoid, so that you can relax and have fun, without worrying about getting ripped off or worse.

Cheap Alcohol

The alcohol is probably the cheapest in all of Europe. For every drink you’d buy in a main city in the UK, you’d get 3 or 4 in Krakow and it’s good stuff too! There are Jazz bars, Dive bars, there’s even a House of Beer. Polish food is yummy and available everywhere, you have to try Golonka. A huge, slow roasted hamhock served with bread, gherkins and pickles; perfect for soaking up the beer!

Polish vodka tasting

The Polish girls are stunning and up for a party. But, don’t imagine for a second that they aren’t street-savvy. One wrong move guys and they’ll certainly put you in your place – you have been warned! Have your Stag Do in Poland, boys. It would be rude not to.

Polish rooster girl smiling in bar