The role of the Best Man is more to do with giving the groom moral support, along with organising the stag do (in Krakow), giving the all-important hilarious speech and keeping hold of the rings until the big moment. The Best Man is usually the stag’s best bud, but the role has also been given to brothers, fathers and very occasionally a woman! The Best Man also helps the groom with buying his suit (so they match) and of course, chatting up the chief bridesmaid is obligatory.

Before The Wedding

The Best Man needs to get all of the male members of the wedding party together to go suit shopping. This includes the ushers, himself and the groom, as well as any other guys needed for the wedding day. He also needs to know what the ushers’ responsibilities are so he can make sure they are doing their jobs on the big day.

The Stag Do 

In order to have the best stag do in Krakow, the Best Man will need to ensure he has invited everyone who should be there. Beforehand, he should check dates and costs with all those invited, so that nobody drops out as the big day arrives. Once on the stag do, enjoy, but look after your stag – he needs to go home and get married, remember?

Krakow brewery dinner


The Run Up

A few weeks before the wedding, the Best Man needs to have conversations with the ushers and Maid of Honour to ensure that everyone knows what they should be doing on the morning of the wedding. Last minute suit fittings should take place now, just in case either the groom or bestie have podged out in the last few weeks!

The Speech

Ooh, this is SO important! Everyone expects you to be absolutely hilarious and close to the bone – but too much and you’ll be remembered as the guy who went over the top, for years to come! Make sure you’ve got some cute anecdotes to share about the couple, as well as those about you and the groom, but steer clear about your stag do in Krakow – far too fresh and could ruin the big day! Obviously, you can give him a bit of a roasting, but run it past a few people to ensure you’ve got the tone right. Just before the wedding, practise it every day, so it’s almost off-the-cuff!

Being the Best Man is a great responsibility, should you get the stag do in Krakow wrong, it’ll be on your head forever!