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Crack Krakow With These Action-Packed Activities

Krakow offroading

Krakow is the place to be on a stag do. There are a million and one activities for you to try, so you’d better book a week so you can try them all out! At least there’s no need to worry about being bored, with activities and nightlife ready to be sampled in Poland’s capital, […]

Come and Get Ruined in Budapest’s Famous Ruin Pubs!

Szimpla Budapest

Beautiful Budapest is one fantastic place to visit, whether you’re on a stag do, a birthday weekend or a business trip, you can’t go far without coming across some of the most unique bars in all of eastern Europe. Ruin pubs are unusual, funky and the best drinkeries to while away a few hours, day […]

If a Boozy Stag Weekend in Krakow is Right Up Your Street, Read on!

krakow night club

If Krakow is the destination of choice for your stag do, then you’ve made an excellent decision! Stunningly hot ladies adorn the bars and clubs and the alcohol is waaay cheaper than anywhere in the western world. All in all, you’ll be hard pushed not to enjoy your stag do, there’s plenty of activities to […]

The Alternative Budapest Stag Weekend

Budapest by night

Beautiful Budapest is the city to be if you’re after something a little more classy than the usual stag do of drink, drink and more drink! Apart from the delightful ladies, spectacular scenery and cheap alcohol, there are so many more activities to do and things to see in this fantastic city! Trabant Tour The […]

Summertime Stag Do in Budapest with Stag Republic

Festival summer party

They say the best time to visit Budapest is during the summer. The sun is shining, people are happier and friendlier and this is the time of the year when party people leave the indoor places and tend to go to open-air bars and clubs.   This summer’s going to be our 20th summer. To […]

Essential Information on Riga – Small But Perfectly Formed, Just Like the Women!

Stag weekend in Riga Latvia

You will find Latvia nestled between Estonia and Lithuania, quite a small and flat country, but rich in beautiful sandy beaches and stunning river valleys. Previously, Latvia was ruled by the USSR, but became independent in 1991 and joined Europe in 2004, luckily for us! There are so many things to do and see in […]

An Older Gentleman’s Stag Weekend in Budapest

Hungarian wine bottles lined up

So you’re not in your twenties anymore and the thought of drinking for 3 days straight is giving you palpitations. Fear not, there is absolutely no need to think that a Stag do for the older gentleman should be the same at any age. Why should it? We don’t want to be doing the same […]

Budapest Stag Do Tips #5 and #6

Going on a Budapest stag do is exciting; the gorgeous foreign ladies, cheap drinks, activities and the nightlife can make your head spin and wallet empty. So, we’ve come up with an ingenious idea to help your finances stretch further when on your magical weekend of freedom. Not only that, we’ve made sure that you […]

Budapest Nightlife – Our Guide to Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Activities

Ruin pub Budapest

The extravaganza that is Budapest nightlife is not to be sniffed at. Throughout the sprawling city, you’ll find many bars and clubs that are ripe for partying and they’re not necessarily in the city centre. Whether you’re looking for a gloomy pub or a high-end nightclub, you’ll find it here in the Hungarian capital. Ruin […]