While Riga is indeed home to eye-waveringly strong alcohol and beautiful women but it’s also the cultural capital of the Baltic’s with lots of history, architecture and great food to enjoy if you’re looking for an experience that is a little more sophisticated.

Here are some ideas for stuff you can get up to on your stag weekend abroad:

Full speed

Riga is a city for getting high speed kicks and one of the best ways to do this is with a day out bobsledding. You’ll get the chain to ride special ‘vuchkos’ down Europe’s largest bobsledding track – the very same track the Latvia team use to prepare for the Olympics – all while under the watchful eye of a trained instructor.

With your guide on hand to take some photos, you’ll get 2 rides down the hill followed by a nice round of ice-cold to celebrate no peeing your pants!

Riga Bobsledding

Make a splash

Aquapark visit in RigaIt might not be all that original but an afternoon at the Aquapark is a great way to get in a little laddy bonding time and reflect on life.

Whether you want to chill in the jacuzzi or act like a big kid on the water slide they most important thing you should know that drinking is not only allowed but entirely encouraged at the poolside bar – in fact, we’ll even buy you your first beer.

Two hours is going to fly by…


Lady luck

Stag lads go drinking in some dive bar. Stag gentlemen, on the other hand, do swanky things like go to casinos (without bringing a tiger home at the end of the night).

With your guide acting as lady luck she’ll take you on a tour of Riga’s casinos. You’ll visit 2 of the cities finest where your guide will take care of admin formalities leaving you free to flex your luck at the blackjack or roulette tables.

Just remember to leave some of your holiday kitty at home.