Want to make your stag weekend in Riga really unforgettable? Well then make sure you add some strippers to the agenda. Latvian women are some of the hottest in the world – something to do with that brisk coastal weather and delightfully strong alcohol we suspect.

If you need some ideas, here they are:

Getting steamy

Another thing that Latvia is famous for is its sparring culture. Nope, not sword and armour battle-to-the-death style, we mean the sitting-in-a-steamy-room type. Let us organise you a spa party and you can enjoy a few beers while indulging in this quintessential Riga pastime.

Now, one part of it involves hitting each other on the back with birch sticks. We’re not sure why but this bit sounds pretty rubbish for a stag party so instead we’ll send over some strippers (don’t worry, they won’t hit you either!).

Sauna Party in Riga

Dinner time!

A great stag weekend needs at least one big dinner with some strippers for dessert. Sign up for our classic stag dinner and we’ll put you on the way towards a banter-filled weekend.

With 1 shot of vodka, 2 courses of delicious Latvian chow and 3 glasses of beer you’ll be well warmed up for dessert which will also be something local and tasty… yep, a beautiful Latvian stripper.

Krakow Brewery Dinner

On the road

If you’re planning to ride out to the club then why not do it in style aboard our not-too-shabby party bus

Stripper party bus in Riga

This thing is a palace on wheels. Plush seats, a well-stocked mini-fridge and a monster sound system just begging to be blasted with a bit of Barbara Streisand. And, most importantly, there is room to stand up in this thing, which means there is plenty of space for a couple of strippers to do their thing.

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