Riga is a city that is well and truly soaked in god’s most glorious of inventions – alcohol. After all, they suffered for many years at the hands of communism so it’s only natural that they want to get off their head now the shackles have been thrown off.

But drinking over here takes on a slightly different form than back home. People start later and go longer – and the stuff you’re drinking here will be a wee bit stronger than what you might find in a Wetherspoon’s pitcher.

Let us give you some advice.

Get it started in style

Boys, you’ve arrived! It was a long flight and you’re probably slightly peeved at paying overwhelming prices for undersized beers on the plane. But don’t worry you’ve arrived in the land of cheap booze and we’re going to get you started right off runway with a ride into town aboard our pimped out party bus.

Krakow stag party bus

This isn’t just some minibus with mini-fridge. This is more like a nightclub on wheels with killer lighting, a frankly deafening sound system and windows you can stick your head out of for the purposes of yelling things at passers-by.

Your guide will meet you at arrivals with a round of cold beers and there will be more waiting for you on the bus. So sit back, relax and let your guide get you excited about the antics to come.

Deals on wheels

Keep things moving with a quick tour of the city aboard our very own beer bike. You’ll get a tour of the city with a beer in your hand and a history lesson that sits nicely with your afternoon drunk buzz.

For 2 hours a local expert will take care of all the steering and your guide will take care of dispensing the 20 litres of ice-cold beer we’ve packed for the journey. What do you have to do? Why, just sit back and enjoy.

Budapest beer bike

Eating and cheating

It wouldn’t be a stag weekend abroad without a jolly up at dinner. Luckily we’ve got you covered with a table at one of Riga’s best restaurants, a lush 2-course meal, 3 beers and 1 damn strong shot of vodka.

And for dessert? Well, we’ll send over a stripper who will do her very best to show you why Latvian women are lusted for the world over. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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