Whether you’ve got money to burn or a budget to keep to then Riga is a perfect place for a stag weekend abroad. Come of the sights and stay for the booze, birds and adventure – we promise you won’t have a boring weekend in Europe’s most exotic stag destinations (so says us!)

Stag Republic are the pros when it comes to helping you throw the best damn stag weekend ever. Here are a few ideas for you to try:

Wet weekend

A stag sauna party in RigaGet thing started with a splash and ramp up the banter in your group with a trip to the Aquapark. Your guide will show you the way and sort your tickets leaving you free to piss around, splash each other, go head first down the slides and generally show the locals what it means to Brits abroad (don’t overdo it though – Latvian security guards are scary!)

Want to know the best part? There is a bar poolside and we’ll get you the first round of drinks. At £39pp it’s a great start to your stag weekend abroad.

Want something a little more low key and low cost. Well why not go along for a sauna party. Latvians are well known for their love of kicking back and steaming out the worlds problems so why not check it out for yourself. At £15pp with 2 beers thrown in, it’s a steal. And if you do feel like upping the ante a little we can send along a stripper to make things more steamy!

Hit the road

A stag party bus in RigaThe night is upon you and it’s time to head out and do what you came to do – get messed up and try and pull a few local ladies ;-)

Of course arriving in style is half the battle and taking the local tram just won’t cut it I’m afraid. That’s why we’ve got our very own party bus standing by to whisk you away. First beer is free and there are plenty more where those came from in the fully stocked mini fridge – which conveniently sits right beside the pimping sound system and TV we have on board. At £19pp you’re rolling.

But if you really want to land in style then jump in our hummer. Again the first beer is free but this time there will be a glass of champagne and a stripper waiting to make your £29pp ride into town completely unforgettable.

The night is always young

A stag party pub crawl in RigaThe night never really ends in Riga which you should see as a challenge of your drinking stamina. And with prices in this city so damn low then you should also see it as a chance to do things a little differently than you would back home.

If you want to ooze class while keeping costs low then head out on a casino tour. Your guide will take care of all the admin stuff and send the first round of beers over to your table for you. You’ll then be free to cash the dice and see if you can attract lady luck (or any lady in fact) over to your table for a little excitement. It’s only £5pp but be sure not to blow the holiday budget boys!

And if you really want to see the nightlife the we recommend a guided pub crawl. Tell you guide what you want and we’ll show you some of the trashiest student bars and trendiest cocktail joints in the city – and we’ll teach you a few local words to improve your chances with the locals. Have at it lads!