Guided Pub Crawl in Riga

If you’re planning on visiting Riga in Latvia for your crazy Stag Do, you have plenty of activities to choose from, to make your Stag Weekend the most memorable ever. From Bobsledding to Sauna parties, to the classic Strip Clubs, there is so much to do, you will definitely not be bored!

If it’s the ladies you’ve come to see, get ready to have your socks blown off. From the minute you land, you could have a Stripper Party Bus pick you up from the airport, filled with 15 litres of beer to get you started :)  Also joining you will be one of our lovely local guides, who will help with translating as well as advice on the best and most suitable places for you all to go. Don’t worry, the stunning Latvian (or Russian) Stripper will be waiting, teasing and tantalising the stags, giving you a taster of the weekend to come. The Bus has LCD TVs, a fantastic sound system, a Karaoke machine and even a pole! Maximum entertainment for the drive to your hotel.

So, what to do now you’re here? If you fancy a little culture during your stay, the architecture in Riga Town Hall Square is spectacular – or maybe stroll around the Old City and take in the ‘Freedom Monument’. There is the ‘International Museum of Vodka’ which is always worth a visit, many vodkas with stories behind them which are amusing and interesting  :)

If the stags can’t wait for the drinking sesh to begin, then toddle along to ‘Skyline Bar’ (which is on the 26th floor of the Hotel Latvija) to watch sundown while you relax and drink to your heart’s content. You could take in the ‘Belgian Beer Cafe’ or ‘Lounge 8’ where many celebrities hang out.

For those stags who just adore nakedness, then there are a plethora of strip clubs which will bring you satisfaction guaranteed. Some of the best, where the girls are bubbly and beautiful are named as such. ‘Angels’ and ‘Dolls’ are reputable, along with ‘Jockey Club’ and ‘Pupu Lounge’, where you guys will be drooling and dribbling til you can’t take any more 😛 Riga is full of bars and clubs, almost designed for the perfect Stag Weekend!

To read more about Latvia stag activities, view our Riga stag do page here.

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