Riga is out cool list ex-communist city tucked away up in the north of Europe. While it might be known for its cold weather we think it should be known for its great nightlife, fit bids and oh-so-cheap beer. All in all, it’s the perfect location for a stag weekend abroad.

If you’re wondering what the nightlife in Riga has in store then all we’re going to tell you is to get excited. But what about that time where you’re not super drunk or passed out – daytime as some ‘normal’ people all it – well never fear, Riga has plenty of things to do that don’t involve (that much) alcohol.

Let us tell you:

Take a ride on the only beer bike in town

Budapest Beer BikeOk, so it’s debatable whether this really counts as a non/less alcohol event – but it does tick sightseeing and exercise off your stag holiday – and we feel that that sort of achievement should be rewarded with a beer!

After hopping aboard the beer bike you’ll be whisked around town by a local expert who will do his best to interrupt your drinking with a few local facts.

You’ve got 14 litres to drink so no need to rush. And hey, why not try a few dares with locals that you pass by. Random chat up lines work best and bonus points are awarded if you manage to convince a local lady to climb aboard.

Time to go on the pull

Clay Pigeon ShootOk, but not how you’re thinking. We mean why not go clay pigeon shooting. You’ll get full training from an English speaking professional and then it’s up to you to point, shoot and hope for that satisfying explosion of clay over the hillside. What’s more your lovely guide for the weekend will be waiting with a round of beers for after.

If you’ve gone for a country gentlemen theme for your weekend then this is the best activity for dressing up for. Break out the tweed jackets, pipes and flat caps and do your best Hooray Henry accent.

And afterwards, march (ok drive) back into town as winners and enact some of that public schoolboy charm on the local ladies.

Start your engines

Krakow go kartingThis one is for the petrol heads among you. A day go-karting is the champions choice of activities for your Riga stag weekend – and speaking of champions – this won’t just be a leisurely few laps around a carpark. Nope, get your game face ready because there will be warm-up laps, qualifications and the grand final with the winner taking his place on the podium at the end. We’re sorry to say though that we won’t have a magnum of crystal waiting for you to soak your adoring audience with… that is unless you’re paying!

Everything is included, with an English speaking instructor, top quality carts boasting a top speed of 40mph and a round of beers waiting for you after. You’ll even have your lovely guide for the weekend cheering you on from the sidelines.