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Essential Information on Riga

"Stag Republic Riga" written in the sand on Riga beach.

Latvia is small, flat and largely boggy. It is sandwiched between its Baltic neighbours Lithuania and Estonia. It packs a lot in though: starting with Riga, the vibrant coastal capital, then moving on to fairytale castles, scenic river valleys and sandy beaches. Latvia has been subject to continuous foreign rule from Germanic tribes to German […]

Strip Clubs in Riga

riga nights stripper

In some parts of the Latvian capital, it seems like all you need do is turn a corner to find a night club or a casino. That doesn’t mean you should just stumble into every one of them. Some of them are small and feel distinctly shady, others large and pride themselves on being ‘sophisticated’ […]

Nightlife in Riga

Guides in party bus - link to Riga stag destination

The Riga nightlife scene is very diverse, extending from the dingiest pub to the hottest club, with plenty of surprises in between. In addition, the tourist centre is not really where the fun’s at, courtyard bars, huge indoor fashion clubs and cutting-edge dance venues are scattered throughout the city. Riga’s nightlife boasts a number of […]