Your friend’s wedding is coming up and when you asked him what sort of stag do he wanted he simply handed you the Hangover DVD and told you to get to work. Bright lights, crazy antics and one hell of a booze bender has been called for and booking your stag weekend with us in Riga is the best way to deliver. Ok, there’s no sunset strip and you probably won’t wake up with a tiger in your room, but as an ex-soviet city with some extremely fine ladies, we’re certain it won’t disappoint.

Just landed

limo-transfer-riga-1So your plane has just landed and you’re raring to go. Well first off don’t even think about a taxi or public transport. Instead jump in our limo and start the party before you’ve even left the airport. With champagne and beer waiting on ice for you, you’ll be putting every minute of your stag weekend to good use. This is also a great chance to meet your lovely guide for the weekend and get a few essential tips on how survive in this ‘anything goes’ city.

Eating is cheating

Dinner-Riga-01The first order of business after checking in at your hotel is to get some grub down you. Sod McDonalds though, instead go for our kick off dinner and we’ll fill you with beer, vodka and a lovely two course meal to line your stomachs. Oh and of course strippers can be arranged if you want to give the stag a desert he won’t forget!

A night with Lady Luck

olympic-casinoWith dinner done it’s time to hit the town. If high brow is what you’re looking for then head out on our casino tour. Your guide will join you to act as your very own lady luck and you’ll visit two of Riga’s classiest establishments. Just remember to leave some of your money at the hotel otherwise you might be condemned to a weekend without money to spend on booze.

Who are ya! Who are ya!

And finally no big stag night out would be complete without a pub-crawl. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those crappy ones where a bored local drags you around half a dozen dead, dingy pubs and then sticks his hand out at the end for a tip. Nope, our sexy guides find out exactly what you’re looking for and take you to cool places that even some locals don’t know about. Classy or debaucherous, we can supply anything and everything in between. Just remember, what happens on stag, stays on stag!