Looking for a bit of an unusual stag weekend in Riga? Well then let us be your guide to all things messed up debauchery. You might not have learnt much about the Baltics in your school history lessons, but we can assure you that since leaving communism behind they’ve spent the last 20 years making up for lost time – and the ladies certainly don’t think they’re there yet. Perhaps they need a little help!

Stag Republic has been setup in the city for years and we have a small army of local guides that know all the ins and outs and exactly what to say if you want peel a local lady away from the burly Russian men they’re used to. Trust us, you’re in safe hands.

Let’s get moving

You’ve seen the film Cool Runnings right? Sure you have! Ever thought about trying it for yourself? If not, get ready because we’re going to take you bob sledging. Don’t worry, we’re going to kit you out with all the safety stuff and then you get two chances each to look like pros. Don’t worry, if you crap yourself, there will only be your friends to see your shame. Oh and any photos people might take for the lads back home – so be warned!

Lads on a stag do getting ready to whiz down the icey bobsled chutes

There will be a round of beers waiting for your afterwards and of course, big respect goes to the person who does the best Jamaican accent.

It’s getting hot in here

Latvians love saunas, it’s been so for centuries. They even have some weird traditions like beating each other with stick things. But don’t worry, we’re going to give you just the best bits, namely the booze and the birds.

Here’s hoping you’ve been hitting the gym lately as you’ll get 2 hours private use of the sauna and a few beers to help you deal with the heat. Of course, if you want to make things extra hot and sweaty you can add a few strippers.

A stag sauna party in Riga

And if the stag is feeling particularly stressed about the big day coming up then we can also organise a private massage for him. Lovely!

Out into the night

With every pore in your body relaxed it’s time to hit the town and get messy again. Let us take you on a guided pub crawl. We’ll show you everything this city has to offer from comfy little local places where you can exchange banter with local students, to high-end cocktail bars where the ladies will make your jaws drop to the floor and stay there.

Krakow stag pub crawl

Just keep classy in mind, dress to impress (for the ladies and so you can get in ) and think about learning a few phrases. Yeh, they want to hear your sexy British accent but they’ll also be impressed when they see you’ve made an effort. You never know, if you’re lucky she might be teaching you how to say “Good morning” before long.

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