Stag Party Hungary Photo

As the best man, not only are you helping out on the big day, but it’s also your responsibility to organise the Stag Do. Do not despair, there are so many options for you to choose from, there will be something out there for your stag! Boys and girls are booking short trips to celebrate their Stag and Hen parties and now we’re going abroad to do it, rather than popping down the local pub! There’s a lot for the best man to think about, from costs to confirming the amount of people going and finally, where you’re going. You could have an exciting time in Las Vegas or Barcelona, but this could be out of the price range of some of the stags and nobody wants to miss out. London might be the city of choice and no doubt you could all have a fabulous time, but it’s still pricey and it’s the same culture as the one you’re all living in every day! Eastern Europe is fast becoming one of the more popular Stag destinations, simply because the nightlife is amazing, the beer is cheap and the ladies are stunning!

Within Eastern Europe, we have fantastic countries for you to visit, from Hungary to Slovakia and from Latvia to Poland. In Hungary’s capital, Budapest, there are the infamous Ruin Pubs, where you can drink and party all night. They are made out of the old ruins of buildings and decorated in Hungarian style, there are student dives and glitzy nightclubs, so whichever mood you’re in, there’ll be something for you here. You can visit the best Strip Clubs or take a ride on the Party Boat (and include a stripper or two, should you wish), it’s all here for the taking.

How about Poland? Take a local guide with you to wander around the fantastic city of Krakow, with 400 pubs to drink in, you need to know where you’re going! There are so many underground pubs, tucked away in alleys, delightful places filled with gorgeous girls, you and the boys will not be disappointed.

The female population of Riga, in Latvia, is much higher than the male population, giving you and the Stags much better odds at scoring! If you and the boys enjoy clubbing, many famous-name DJs visit to play on the turntables in some of the glitziest clubs in Eastern Europe. Finally, Bratislava in Slovakia is wonderful for you beer drinkers out there. They take their beer very seriously and along with the food, is cheap and cheerful, it won’t stop flowing until you say so!

Whichever Stag Destination you decide to go for, remember Eastern Europe- more money for your moolah and more sexy ladies than you can shake a stick at!