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Stag Do in Krakow

Krakow is a compact and bustling student town, which makes it a great place to mix with the locals and experience Poland first hand. And when you see the local girls, you will want to. Better still, Krakow babes can be found in any of the city’s dozens of cosy bars and cellar clubs. So if you blow out in one, you can simply try your luck next door.

However, you might not want the poor stag left on his own while the rest of the gang is on the town chasing skirt, so we ensure you are looked after for your entire stag party weekend in Poland. That includes attracting their attention with top-quality strippers and organising activities, as well as putting you up and picking you up from the airport, of course.

Culture, nightlife and girls are not all that Krakow has to offer. Browse our list of activities and you’ll see that this isn’t some relaxing getaway for pensioners. With Stag Republic, it’s even OK to mention the war – we let you try out handguns and kalashnikovs that are off-limits in the UK. Bloodthirsty staggers will also love our paintball range, where you can celebrate a successful mission by roasting a pig on a spit like a true army general. If you prefer the track to the target, indoor go-karting is for you.

Krakow is developing into a popular tourist destination, so it pays to have an insider on hand to show you to those bars and clubs that are harder to reach. We not only know every nook and cranny of the old town, but we also organise quick and efficient transport to and from activities and find the best accommodation at the best prices. What more could you want from your stag do in Krakow?!

One thing we can’t guarantee is that you will pull – that’s up to you.

Still missing something – If you don’t find something you’re looking for on Stag Republic, have a look at our Britain based strategic partners’ sites: Chillisauce and Last Night of Freedom

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