A real local, local girl – Veronika is in the know about Budapest and loves to show off her hometown.

Sziget festival budapestWhere were you born? Budapest, Hungary

How long have you been working as a local rep for Stag Republic? For about 4 months

Which languages do you speak? English, Italian and a little Spanish

What music do you like?  It always depends on my mood, my favourite band is Coldplay (Chris Martin is a genius ..:)), but I love dancing and what is better for that than some Hip Hop and R’n B tunes?

What is your favourite movie?  I have to say I belong to the cheesy movie fan club, but when they get super cheesy I like to watch dramas (e.g. costume dramas). If I have to choose I’d say Crazy, Stupid Love.


What do you like to do in your free time?  I’m definitely not an indoor type. If I have the chance and time I like to go even just wandering in the city with my friends. I also love reading and learning languages (even studied some Irish Gaelic).

stag party veronika

Favourite restaurants in Budapest? And why?  I like experimenting with different cultures so I like Indigo, which is an Indian restaurant. But I usually eat at Most and Jelen. I think everyone could find something delicious there!

Favourite clubs/bars in Budapest? And why?  Szimplakert is an obvious answer, it is so unique and has a very cool atmosphere! If I put my dancing shoes on I usually go to Morrisons, Ötkert and Doboz. Great variety of music and booze!

Favourite Budapest stag activity/event and why?  I like the boat cruises because the lads get the chance to see the beautiful scenery of Budapest from the Danube. Also, it is a good occasion to get to know each other. The same with the dinners. But pub crawls have the biggest success for sure.

What’s the one thing you tell all your stag groups (advice)?  The one thing everyone will surely remember: Pálinka! If you can handle it, you officially get the Hungarian style ;)

stag party veronika

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you or one of the lads in your stag group on a Budapest Stag Weekend?   It would be very hard to list how many funny things happen in a weekend. Once a few of the lads made me believe that their mate is a homosexual and he is too shy to tell that he really wants to go to a „special bar”. It was so embarrassing when I was asking him around nicely where he would like to go and then it turned out all he wanted was to see sexy female strippers!