Krakow rep Sylwia in pub

In Budapest, we have celebrity look-alike Eszter. In Krakow, we have Sylwia, our Polish version of Audrey Tatou, n’est-ce pas? Sylwia G (we call her this so as not to confuse her with Sylwia P) is a rockin’ party girl. Her sexy, sporty energy will kick your stag party into high gear in no time.

Where were you born? I was born in Chrzanów, a small town between Kraków and Katowice

How long you’ve been working as a Stag Republic guide in Krakow? For almost a year now.

Krakow rep Sylwia with girls

Which languages do you speak?  I speak Polish, which is my native language, and English. I can also say „cheers” in seven different languages.

What music do you like? Depends on a mood, place, situation and people I am with. I listen to music which gives me power – rock and electronic music mainly

What are your favourite movies? „Black Cat, White Cat”,”Arizona Dream” and other Emir Kusturica’s movies, who is the master of the absurd.

What do you like to do in your free time?  I love sport – especially tennis and squash. During Winter, I replace my racket with a snowboard and hit the slopes!

Favourite restaurants in Krakow? And why?  Any restaurant where they serve pierogi!

Favourite clubs/bars in Krakow? And why?  I love places with random, interesting people – that’s why my favourite pubs and clubs in Kraków are Rozrywki 3, Piękny Pies and Kitsch. Every night is different and unpredictable in these places! It’s pure Krakow spirit!

Favourite Krakow stag activity/event and why?  Apart from everyone’s favourite – the Pub Crawl, I choose shooting. Nothing can compare with the power in your hands when holding a shotgun! Oh, man!

Sylwia shooting

What’s the one thing you tell all your stag groups (advice)? To make sure they try a Mad Dog shot.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you or one of the lads in your stag group on a Krakow Stag Weekend?  After a Pub Crawl night, we went for indoor paintball. It was around noon. After about 45 minutes of paintball battle, we realized that we couldn’t find a lad from our team. We eventually found him, though. He was sleeping, hidden, behind a pillar for the whole time. Guess what his friends did to wake him up? ;)