When you’re preparing for your Budapest Stag Do, you might be thinking about going to some fantastic nightclubs and maybe some strip clubs while you’re there. Now, unless you guys are brilliant at research, or someone who’s going with you has been before, it’s going to be tricky to make sure you go to the best places over the course of a weekend. That’s where our local guides come in.

Gorgeous Local Guides

The best part without a doubt, about going on your Stag Do with Stag Republic, is our fantastic local guides. They are not chosen just because they’re pretty to look at (that goes without saying). Our girls have often grown up in the area, or have lived here for some time. Their knowledge and experience of the nightlife and Stag Weekends is as wide as it is deep. There is very little that our guides don’t know about the top bars or pumping nightclubs in Budapest. On top of that, they love to party and absolutely lurve their jobs!

Local guides

Guiding The Party

Don’t get to thinking that having a girl ‘hanging around’ is going to cramp your style. On the contrary, they get the party started! Very used to being around guys who are drunk and acting crazy, they’ll make sure you don’t get into any trouble by avoiding the dodgy areas and taking you away from any situations where you could end up hurt or worse. They simply ensure that you get to visit all of the places that you want to go to and nobody gets left behind in a drunken stupor!


Getting The Best Deal

Before you arrive, our guides are working to ensure that your itinerary for your Budapest Stag weekend is spot on. They will include all of the activities you want to do and plan your Guided Nightlife Tour; everything you’ve asked for will be organised and every pub, bar, club and strip club will be checked for its suitability for your group. No need to feel embarrassed about going to a strip club. The girls barely bat an eyelid at any kind of nakedness and they’ll make themselves scarce if you wish.

Budapest Stripclubs


Aside from being wonderful guides, translating the language and helping you to have a brilliant time, our guides are gorgeous, fun and charismatic. Don’t go thinking that they’re there to pull because you’ll go home broken-hearted if you do. However, you’ll most likely make a long-standing friend who’ll be happy to keep in touch for years to come!

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