Budapest is a fun, safe place to go out. But you need to know where to go or you will face problems getting into many venues as a group.  According to various sources we’ve heard from, bars and clubs around town are now being careful about not running afoul of safety regulations. In some cases, people are being forced to wait to enter places that turn out to be near-empty. And the crackdown – or fears of the crackdown – aren’t limited to issues of occupancy…

Budapest nightclub entry

What does this mean to you as a stag group?

QUEUES and TURN-DOWNS at the entrance! To avoid a bad night out, we would highly recommend you to book a guided pub crawl with us, as our lovely local guides are fully up-to-date on the current nightlife issues in Budapest and would be able to get you into the remaining clubs that are still running for a great night out. Even if you book with another company, always book a pub crawl on a stag weekend abroad to save a lot of hassle.