Budapest is a wonderful place with a storming nightlife. But, you need to be aware that there are still dodgy places that will stop at nothing to rip you off.

Just this past weekend a group happened to be a victim of a big-time rip-off at an unrecommended gentlemen’s club. Three guys were made to pay £400 each for a bottle of beer in spite of their guide’s warning about not going into a place like this. Our guides are professionals, they know the places in town, and therefore the advice they give is sound. Not to mention they are totally sexy, local girls.

Of course, it is each group’s own choice whether they take this advice, or not. But in order to avoid any troubles such as last weekend’s rip-off, we would highly recommend you to pay for a pub crawl and take your guides advice. And always use a stag party organiser when you go abroad.

On Saturday those three guys wished they had listened to their guide!

We do not take any commission from any venues. We simply would like you to have a memorable, fun and SAFE weekend! And then, of course, we’d like you to recommend us to all of your friends.