Let’s not do things half-cocked boys, if you’re going to a strip club in Budapest while you’re on your stag do, then make sure it’s the best of the best! 4Play Lounge is the crème de la crème of strip clubs in Eastern Europe and there are some fantastic deals to be had while you’re watching the ladies do their thang!

Strip Club – Table Reservations

At the finest strip club in Budapest, we can reserve a table dance booth just for you and your stags, so there’s no need to wait around for one to become available. You and the boys will have the pleasure of watching three table dances and of course, you get to choose the girls! The only problem you may have is to decide which three lucky ladies will have the pleasure of performing for you, there are over 40 at the club at any one time!

Photo of stripper dancing on pole and lots of guys watching in 4Play Lounge Budapest

As part of the deal, you’ll also get a 70cl bottle of any spirit you desire, along with mixers and 10% off any other drinks all night. One of our fabulous guides will accompany you, just to make sure that you’re happy and understand the rules of the club, but she’ll make herself scarce if you’ve got it all under control!

Strip Club – VIP Room

The VIP room is obviously for important people, so if you feel that your stag do is top of the range, then why not book the VIP room for an hour? Because of your status, you can choose three stunning girls to entertain and strip for you all. Each dancer will perform for 20 minutes, giving you all the spectacle of a lifetime! There’s no need to worry about ‘accidentally’ touching the dancers or sitting on your hands, at 4Play Lounge you can touch until the girls tell you otherwise!

As part of the VIP experience, you’ll get a bottle of bubbly, a bottle of spirits and mixers and one round of beers for the boys to enjoy. Your lovely local guide will tag along to help you with anything you’re unsure of and of course, she’ll disappear if you’d prefer!

Budapest strip clubs

The only strip club in Budapest that is worth a visit is 4Play Lounge. Book yourselves a Hummer to make the experience even more special, full to the brim with beer, pumping out your favourite tunes, why not boys? It’s your stag do – go crazy!

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